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Eliminate the Cost, Complexity and Overhead of Automation Runtime Licenses

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Save money and drive efficiency and with our software, which provides easy-to-use solutions for automation and control programs.

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We provide driver software for a variety of controller brands and protocols. Our software provides programmable logic controller (PLC) interfacing solutions for any programming need.

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Net.LOGIX 6.0
.NET Products

Direct communication pipeline from Visual Studio.NET to Allen-Bradley, Siemens, GE-Fanuc or MODBUS applications without OPC servers or RSLinx.

.NET Core / .NET 5

Windows, Linux, iOS PLC drivers for .NET Core / .NET 5 multi-platform Visual Studio projects.

Omron OPC Server
OPC Servers

Experience OPC standard connectivity for Allen-Bradley, Omron or GE-Fanuc controllers with our low-cost OPC server software.